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I started out focusing on pre-WWII bolt action rifles, but then Winchesters started catching my eye. And various odds and ends of other stuff.

Still, my military collection is mostly bolt action rifles, with a bunch of Winchesters on the side. I've got maybe ten different Mosin Nagants, 8 or 9 Mausers from various countries, three SMLEs and a couple of M1903s, along with one-offs of other interesting bolt-actions. And, hooray, the CMP finally got my order for a Garand!

I do have a couple of SKS's because they're a hoot to shoot.

MCB is spot on the nose, as usual. A guy could end up with a pretty fair arsenal of just one model of gun if he wanted all the variations, and Mausers are great examples of just that.
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