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My tactics and training question is WHERE WERE THE PATROL CARBINES?!!! Why was at least one not deployed in the initial response?
Cops don't walk around carrying a rifle or shotgun on calls. I'm sure if he knew he would have needed a long gun everything would be different, like "stand off" behind cover.

But that's not practical. 99% of the time a long gun would just be in the way.

More common when you have problems dragging someone from a car they come out fighting not shooting. Pain in the butt rolling around the ground trying to subue some one if you are hanging onto a rifle or shotgun.

Cops don't normally get involved in situations where distance requires a rifle. Certainly not on traffic stops.

Learn to use the service pistol/revolver, learn to use the service pistol/revolver with one hand, learn with both hands.

You just don't know. If I knew, I'd be with a rifle at a distance I had the advantage.

We're not talking about infantry, we're talking about street cops.
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