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Obviously locking the door would have been the solution. Keeping weapons accesable in various parts of the home is a good plan, if you have built in plans to access the weapon, secure the family, and have contact capabilty (cell or home phones) in those hard points.

For my own home, I center on my sons room for a defensive hard point. Im pretty confadent that to enter my home, youd have to make enough noise to wake us. I keep a carbine, cell phone, and first aide kit (on my range bag/tac vest) with the plan being, I can watch the stairs (only access to our sleeping area) while gathering my daughter and falling back to his room. At that point I can call the police and maintain control of the stairs from cover with the family, from a solid tactical advantage. I have double exterior doors on the front because of a boxed in porch, nstalled blind dead bolts at 2 points on the back door, and the basement door is dead bolted as well. None of those features will prevent or stop an intruder but would hopefully discourage one, and would deffintly slow one down, and would cause a lot of noise getting through.

Dogs are a fantastic tactical solution. They make noise, they pay attention, they wont malfunction, they dont have a safety lever, and good ones will go hunting and fishing with you anytime, and never complain about getting up early. My daughters shoot with me, but when they leave for collage, they will be takeing medium sized mutts they will pound rescue. Make a dog part of the family and treat him good, play with him, and he will defend you like a member of the family.

If you decide that multiple weapons accesable in the home is something you want to do, haveing a small to medium handgun near the front door is my second need. I like haveing something in hand but in a non presented or threatning way if you get the odd or weird nighttime knock on the door. Anwser it with a sweatshirt (my norm ask evening or home time attire) and it can be concealed while in hand should a sudden threat arise. 99 out of a hundred times it wont so no need to scare the crap out of anyone, but need need to give up an advantage either. Some of my friends stop by late for various reasons and arent suprised or offended when I recognize them, invite them in, and then put the pistol back in its hiding place.

The biggest concern there is how well the other weapons are hiden and what kind of access controls are used. Mine is a simple wooden box with a lock, and hooks for.keys underneath. Keeps my house and car keys from getting lost to lol.
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