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Yup, best idea is to deter somebody from coming in your house in the first place. If you're willing to stash guns all over the house in case somebody breaks in, but unwilling to do anything to deter a break-in, there's something wrong with your reasoning.

There are many levels of home security. My advice is by no means complete, but the average person could decide that one of these levels is enough for him. The "basics" will be enough to deter 99.9% of walk-by criminals like the one in this story. Anybody who chooses your home specifically despite you doing everything in the "basics" has probably cased your home and/or has prior knowledge of something valuable in there he specifically wants... another reason to to brag about how many guns you own.

Locks on your gates.
Deadbolts on all exterior doors.
ADT sign on the lawn.
Dowels in each window.
Security warning sticker on every window and door.
Doghouse, a few chewtoys, and water bowl in the backyard (even if you don't have a dog). "ZEUS" written on doghouse FTW!
Back porch motion detector.

Basic motion detection system house alarm, ADT or similar.
Motion detection lights all around house.
Jack Russel Terrier.

Advanced (including all of the above):
Standalone multi-camera day/night DVR, UPS backup, online.
German Shepard.
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