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When I attended the combined carbine/pistol course at Thunder Ranch a classmate related a late-night incident where he thwarted an armed robbery at a convenience store as it was about to unfold. His teenage son was inside buying a soft drink while he and his wife waited in the parking lot. A car pulled in with headlights off, and one man got out and began sidling along the outside wall to peek in the window.

He had his wife call 911 from their car in the parking lot when he confronted the BG. There were 3 additional armed perps in the car, one of whom had a AK, it was later found.

Things were getting very tense, as the BG really didn't want to keep his hand off the pistol he had in his belt, when every cop car in that small western city seemed to show up at once. Two felons in the car went back to the big house for being in possession of firearms. Two more were illegals who got sent home.

I asked him how many of the cops exited their vehicles with rifles. He said, "Every one of them."

He now carries two spare mags for his 1911 instead of only one.
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