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I tend to have the same issue with pointing left when I allow my practice to slip. My practice slips because I spend too much time on the internet reading about guns and shooting rather than getting with the program.

Fundamentals count, and that's what I return to when I see my performance slip. Go slowly and strive for a smooth presentation based on lots of repetition. Rushing the presentation is frequently the root cause of error.

Without seeing you and giving you specific feedback its not reasonable to expect anybody to accurately diagnose this issue and coach you correctly. I do agree, however, that trying to perform the presentation in one movement invites "bowling" and make it difficult to understand where the problem lies.

I fall into the "by the numbers" camp. Personally I like the Combat Focus presentation, espoused by Pincus, using a "high compressed ready" position, as it appears to build on what the body wants to do under stress.
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