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Ricky, yeah, there are a few pigs around the state,especially in the southern and western part of the state. Not long ago on the local news, they showed a few feral hogs that were in folk's yards right in the suburbs of Birmingham, which is where I live.
Then again, we had 2 black bears show up here last year out of nowhere, one on one side of town which they darted and caught, and about 2 weeks later,another one about 30 miles from the first one. That one dissapeared and hasnt been seen since around here. It may have been something to do with last year's really bad tornados here, I dunno?
The problem is that unless you know some good soul that has land that will let you hunt his hogs or you have land yourself or belong to a hunting club, you are pretty much screwed.
I like your signature and remember the movie "The Jerk".
Remember the "Optigrab" ? I can relate to this well as I am an Optician by trade.
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