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#1. One day years ago I saw some strange brown thing in the edge of the woods from across a field......looked like it was about the size of a small station wagon, both in length and height. I've always called it the "big brown hoppy thing" because it was kind of bouncing there for the 2 or 3 seconds that I saw it. I'd love to hunt that thing, what ever it was. I went to where I saw it and never found any tracks or sign, my buds all said I was making it up but I know what I saw dang it!

#2. If I had the arm and skill, I'd love to spear hunt for Elk.

#3. Saw a deer running one afternoon while driving that looked like it must have been half horse or something, that thing was HUGE. Would love to have a chance at that one.

#4. Giant squid, but as with all things, only fair chase. Haven't figured out the logistics though..........

Oh, and #5, the Queen Alien, would make one heck of a mount.

.......more seriously, I'd love to put a hurtin' on the local coyotes, apparently I have zero skill when it comes to those PITA's.
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