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Funny.....I have a friend that works for the Department of the Interior and he gets paid (very well) to shoot pigs from aircraft in the areas that it's an overwhelming problem.
So, it's a fact that there is a problem and it's a fact that it costs money (both "matched funds" from counties and US Tax money) to deal with that problem.
Now then.... how idiotic do these ranchers and farmers have to be to try to charge hunters to do them a favor?
If they can't get them shot off, they have to pay higher taxes and they still don't get the problem handled as well as if they just let hunters do it for them and welcomed the hunters to do them those favors for free.
When I lived in Nevada the jack rabbits would get so numerous in some areas that the farmers would buy a case of 22 shells and GIVE them to the high school boys to shoot rabbits with. It worked quite well.
I wonder how may rabbits would have gone un-shot and how much more crop loss they would have had if they had been stupid enough or greedy enough to try to charge the kids to come on their land and solve their problem for them
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