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Originally Posted by Murdock View Post
Yeah, I kinda suspected pins were in your future from the x-ray. Next be sure that the doc sends you to a CHT for occupational therapy. If he doesn't know one find a CHT on The site has an easy search function.

Good on the gun. We like.
Yes! Thank you Murdock! All of you, even you few weirdos lmao. I did my surgery this morning at 10:30 I have 2 pins inserted as I text this. They'll be there for 3 weeks till he removes them. I was not put under. I thought it was canceled so I ate. I was just under local and was awake the whole time while they drilled me and all that. I moved my finger and made a pretty good sized fist. It's 7:00 now and I feel a liiiiiittle bit of pain.

Can't wait to get my freaking Colt! Doc says I'll be back to 100% in a few months. I'll post pics on my check up tomorrow of the Xray. Till then I'm kind of carrying lefty and my nightstand gun instead of the Glock 21 is my PX4 storm in 9mm.

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