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#1 Kodiak Coastal Brown Bear
As soon as I get stationed in Kodiak again, this will become a reality. I struck out the few times I went hunting for them when I was up there before, but managed to scout some really good spots while going "backup" for a couple buddies.
#2 Alaskan Moose
Either in the Fairbanks/North Central area or maybe the Kenai Peninsula.
#3 Caribou
Adak Island. 'Nuff said.
#4 Musk Ox
Probably somewhere in the Nome or Port Clarence area.
#5 Arctic Wolf
I definitely wouldn't mind having a dozen harvest tickets in my pocket on the AKPEN...
I'll stay away from Africa and leave it for the crazy-brave and foolhardy. Too many dang things that can kill you over there before you even see them...

#6 (Honorable Mention) A Missouri whitetail-sized Sitka Blacktail isn't too much to ask is it?
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