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The other end of the muscle, where it attaches to the forearm below the elbow, is a different cat. That has to be fixed or the elbow ain't gonna work well at all.
That's even scarier. This is where it was torn. After a week of PT the therapist was poking me in the crook of my elbow with her thumb, "breaking up scar tissue." Can't much argue with success, as my pain was 50% gone after just one week. 3 weeks after that I was done. No relapses, so far. OS said that if it had severed, my biceps would have pushed up into my shoulder area and not much could be done about it. I'm thinking emergency surgery and he's thinking nothing? Didn't make sense to me, but then I'm not an Orthopedic Surgeon, either. He, OTOH is the OS for the Detroit Red Wings.

You're a scary guy, Murdock.
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