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The proposed peace of legislation would leave the police department outside any of the proceedings in acquiring a license and a CC permit. Under the current law, one has to apply for a permit to own a handgun and a target license. It's stated that way because under the prior law you could request one of three different permits: home protection, target practice and businessman, but that's beside the point, being one license covers both permits under the current law. You have to become a member of a firing range of your choosing, and must be a member of the Federation, like it or not. All in all, between fees, legal expenses and membership requirements, one is looking @ a little over $700.00 dollars to get a license. Before you are issued your permit you are subjected to an investigation of your application and your witnesses and neighbors are interviewed. This is supposed to happen in 3 months but usually takes around five or six months, and if you complain, your paperwork will most likely be misplaced. After you have your gun permit, you have to take a gun handling course, which is a complete joke. After you have your gun, CC permit is shall issue by a judge with a hearing, which means you need legal representation, and you have to convince the judge that you have a legitimate reason for requesting your CC permit, and hope the prosecutor has no objections too. And this is like another $500 dollars. There is also a State gun registry worked by the police.

New legislation requires a federal background check (instead of the state background check), $25 dollars fee with the application to be processed by the DMV. CC is automatic with the license. A new rigurous gun handling course is required.

There was a case brought up to the Supreme Court (State) where a man was charged for carrying a weapon without the CC, although the weapon was legal and the accused had a gun permit but no CC permit. Under the current law, transportation of a weapon without a CC has to be unloaded, in a trunk or not near the driver, to and from the house and gun range. Can't deviate, and if you do and are caught is a felony. The DA struck a plea with a slap in the hand and avoided the case to be reviewed. I say, under Heller, it must be the easiest gun law to be struck down.
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