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I visited Article II Gun World Range a little while ago, not long after it just opened at the new location. I went intending to shoot but left deciding I couldn't wait 2 hours for a lane.

I appreciate that there's no time limit once you get your lane, but with limited space and large crowds (late Saturday afternoon) I'm not sure it's the best policy. It seemed like some of the shooters had planned to take full advantage of the unlimited time. I can't see wanting to spend more than an hour at a range. Outdoors? Yes. Indoors? No thanks.

They were asking folks if they would like to be able to reserve a lane time, but at a higher range fee and with a time limit. Not sure if that's being offered yet.

Anyone have any similar or dissimilar experiences there?

Anyway, they gave me a free range pass good for 30 days in lieu of a refund. It's expired now. I've gone elsewhere in the meantime. Not saying it's a bad place or anything like that, just can't reconcile my limited range access times (usually peak hours) with their range usage policy.
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