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Congrats on your 1st match & on your classification.

Any advice.
1. Points down on stage 3 of the classifier can really eat your lunch, so it pays to slow down to get your hits.

2. On trying to classify as a sharpshooter: Take your time. Shooting matches well is more important than shooting classifiers well. If you do the former, the latter will take care itself. The reverse isn't automatically so, and is often a quick route to discouragement. You've got a learning curve to get through, so focusing on your class right now is a distraction you don't need.

3. Accuracy before speed: Shoot matches within your control, and you'll get faster. Shoot too fast, beyond your control, and you'll get good at missing faster, which is a dead end. Strive to keep your PDs in check. I go by the 10% Rule: If time due to PDs is more than 10% of your raw, you're out of control.

4a. Dry fire regularly: It improves your gun handling skills & pays big dividends at matches. Plus, it's free. Practice your draw, movement & reloads. Things that become automatic are things you don't have to think about when the buzzer goes off.

4b. Dry fire regularly: Execute your movements perfectly, and remember that dry fire is as much about vision skills as gun handling. Practicing sloppy movements and/or getting on target without seeing your sights just to beat a timer is counterproductive. You'll just get good at being a sloppy shooter. Another dead end.

5. Have fun!
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