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First IDPA Match

Hey guys,

I just shot my first IDPA match. Actually this is my first firearms competition of any kind.

This match was 5 stages, 4 of which were also the classifier (classifier stage 1 split to 2 stages at the re-taping point)

I shot CDP.

I was really nervous, but began to relax by the 3rd stage I shot. It was evident in my scores.

I guess I did ok. I was nervous and shot way too fast on the first 2 stages. The second stage I shot was classifier stage 3. Points down were 9, 11, and 22. If I had the last target in line with the other 2 I would have saved 5 seconds!

Classifier portion was 179.87 with 86 points down.

I think with a little less beginner nerves I could shoot a good bit better today without additional training, but not the 40 seconds to make sharp shooter.

I guess marksman isn't bad for my first match.

I'm going to try to practice 2-3 times a month and I hope to make 6 more matches this year.

Any advice.
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