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I have a strict rule against arguing on the internet. Therefore, this is the last post I make on this topic.

Calling me "borderline anti" because I want people to have safe habits, so the DON'T kill other people on accident and cost me my right to carry is asinine.

Calling me anti because I don't want Captain Shakeyhands of the I-dont-care-enough-to-learn-how-to-shoot-my-own-gun Brigade to pull a gun and point it my way is asinine.

Calling me anti for a personal belief that most people wouldn't be willing to use a gun even if they had one and, a taser is better than an easy abduction or providing a criminal with a gun you won't use (or miss them with, because you thought you could manage with no training) is asinine. As a side note, the tasers and stun guns I've seen are darn near foolproof. You probably could use them with no training. At least if you miss you won't hurt an innocent bystander. Assuming someone who never learned how to properly shoot their gun will get more than one useful shot without endangering the rest of us is stretching it.

Ignoring the point that good practices come from someone training you by passing it off as a chance for that evil government to get to you is making me wonder if there are a ton of experts out there who weren't assisted in their own training by a government. I seem to see quite a few using tactics perfected in various armed forces, bureaus, agencies, and departments.

I would never claim training is essential and then deny the ability to get it. That is also an asinine statement totally irrelevant to the discussion.

The idea that you would agree there are certain things a person should have down before they consider carrying a gun would indicate you are in favor of training, but not letting anyone you don't approve of do it. A statement like that --I agree, but you're wrong, because I don't want anyone telling me what to do and it should be a moral thing-- sounds a tad antisocial to me.

As an aside, I agree that morality shouldn't be legislated. I hope the majority of voters do too. My guess is a significant number will side with the "Moral Majority" and vote for a candidate who doesn't agree with you and I.

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