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orthosophy, the thing is, the type of training you want people to get should be something they self-impose, morally.

It should not be a requirement of government, period, because as soon as we ok the government setting training requirements, the stage is set for government to create onerous requirements - such as Chicago requiring training, but banning shooting ranges.

Meanwhile, it seems from your posts that you are borderline anti. Most people would be better off with Tasers? Really?

Interesting, as most police officers only deploy Tasers against unarmed suspects. A LEO will typically only attempt to use a Taser against a suspect who is armed with a contact weapon if there is at least one other LEO present, with gun drawn, who can deal with things if the Taser doesn't resolve the issue.

Even with multiple LEOs present, a LEO won't attempt a Taser against a suspect armed with a ranged weapon (firearm, crossbow, etc).

Plus, you get one shot with the Taser.

I find it mind-numbing how often people will recommend a Taser or OC spray as a viable alternative to a gun. That you would do so shows me that you need more training....
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