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Berry's are very good bullets, I've always had good luck with them.

Since you're new to reloading, I'll tell you something that took me a while to figure out. Making different loads for different gun in the same caliber becomes a big PITA after a while.

I would recommend making one load that fits in your pistol and works in your carbine.

Handgun bullets in general are very tolerant of long jumps to the lands. If you think .050" is a long jump, just look at what happens in a revolver. A revolver round has to traverse the un-rifled throat, the gap, the forcing cone, then the leade into the rifling. You don't use a caliper to measure that jump to the rifling, you use a tape measure. And in general revolvers will equal or best an auto or even a 9mm carbine in the accuracy department.

Load 'em short enough to fit in your XD, work up the load in the pistol, then try them in the carbine.
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