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Sorry abou your injury. Having spent a lot in managing rehab and being rehabed I want Reemphasis the recommendations all ready made.

1. See a hand specialist. They can work miracles. Had an employ, a machinist who partially severed a tendon in his hand. The ER Doc did not have the skills to diagnois or repair it. The Hand guy did.

2. A Physcial Threapist who is certified in hands is a MUST. I ripped the tendons in my third finger right hand in 1970. I did not get proper therapy. It is still not right today.

3. Do your therapy. It will hurt like He double hockey sticks. Eat the pain it is you friend. When I had my knee replacement I screamed in pain when my therapist worked the knee. He stopped and I made him continue. I now have a better range of motion than I did before the surgry. The pain is worth it.

4. You now have the oppurtunity to become an outstanding weak hand shooter. As Tony Curtis said in the Pink Submarine, "There is profit in Chaos."

I wish you luck and let us know how you are recovering.
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