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I hate to push this thread up because I already got my answer and I might incite some anger/aggressive responses by doing so.
First of all I want to thank everyone who gave a serious and relevant response.
Then, I want to address the charge that I’m a “troll” because I posted the content in other forums: My only intention was to get more answers, thus increasing my chances of getting a high-quality, competent answer.
In hindsight, I have to admit it does look a little suspect with the homo sapiens brain reference in there. I only wanted to signify that we’re talking about a big species (like a buffalo, bear or deer).
The extrapolation that I’m anti-gun person or attention-seeking troll, I don’t understand at all. Layman yes, but I respect the 2nd Amendment as one of the most important parts of the Bill of Rights because it defines freedom, responsibility and democracy.

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