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I live right in between Houston and Dallas. 130 miles either way. The hogs are everywhere. The town I live in is a population of 1800 and an interestate runs right beside us. For 30 or so miles right in the median and on the frontage road there is roots. Sometimes Ill go sit on the interstate or a highway overlooking some bottom land and catch them coming out in the evenings. Just a fun way to shoot them from 100 to 400 yards. Theres plenty people around here to hunt their property just to help knock the populations down but everytime you see a sow she always has some piglets are sholtz with her. They multiply like rabbits. They generally start having liters at 8 months old and have 2-3 liters a year and a liter is 10-14. Ranchers hate them but hunters, shooters like myself love them... Great fun! and good eating
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