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I don't have the data in front of me right now on the exact loads, but i'll tell you what i'm trying to do.

I ordered some 124gr HP berry bullets from russell reloading. To be honest the bullets look cheap, but I thought I could still test them and have some fun. I found out, with the springfield pistol, that I would be seating it way to far into the case in order to keep it away from the lands. It made me nervous, so I decided to test the bullets in the carbine.

I was wondering, since I can increase the OAL of in the carbine does this mean i'm decreasing pressure enough to increase powder? Since the Carbine has a, i think 16" or 18" barrel, I want to make sure I'm not coming up short with powder. After reading some different forums I decided to use Blue Dot for the carbine since its a slower burn rate for the longer barrel.

This is why i'm wanting to know what to look for with excessive pressure indications. Also why I wanted to know about the max oal. I'm surprised there is little difference in accuracy with oal length. In the carbine I would think if i set it to spec that it would be one heck of a jump to the lands. Thanks for the posts.
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