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Just across the Red River in the Hugo, Oklahoma area, I know a couple of ranchers that were complaining year before last, about how bad the hogs had rutted up their pastures, and hired a guy out of Antlers to trap for them.
They told me that he trapped 163 hogs of different sizes and kinds, off of an area of about 800 acres. They did not have much problems with them last year, but are now back rutting the fields again.

Given the rate of population, and the adaptation abilities these animals have, I'm not sure there IS a solution. Even as thick as they are, there is no guarantee of success without a pack of dogs. My buddies and I have gone out several times and have come back empty handed, and seen hogs all day, but could not get a shot. They are not as easy to hunt as people think, but they are the most FUN to hunt because there is no season on them and they can be hunted about anywhere, anytime.
They also fill up a smoker right nicely.
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