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This thread feels very strange. I'm wondering about the motives behind the question/scenario.

The OP also seems to have a liking for the .50AE. Given post count and relative tone about the thread I'd wonder about the experience the OP has with firearms.

Now about wounding animals - I have never shot an animal I had to shoot again to kill. Most of my kills fell where they were struck and died where they fell. In the last 15 years of hunting I can remember about only a dozen that ran for more than 20 or 30 yards before dieing.

Now then I can tell you that a .45acp FMJ will take out a ****** off bull from 20 yards if you hit him in the brain. Found myself facing off with a bull that had broken out of its enclosure from a neighbor's land and in self defense I shot at it with the only gun I had on me at the time - a 1911 in .45acp. It charged me and I took aim and shot. The bull dropped and slid to a halt 10 yards from my position. After checking to make sure my pants were still clean I watched it for signs of life... after several minutes I decided to put another one in its head just to make sure but it was already dead I'm sure. No bull. lol! Anyway I wouldn't want to be in that position again. I KNOW that was a lucky shot and no way do I expect to make a shot like that again.
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