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I have never had a problem with lacquer thinner removing the blueing. It evaporates real fast. I soak a rag with it and wipe down parts, especially the barrel after it is removed from the wood. Small parts, I let soak briefly in a can. After cleaning, I wipe parts with whatever gun oil you prefer.

I have also used lacquer thinner to remove cosmoline from wood as it displaces cosmoline from the pores. I would only recommend lacquer thinners use on wood only if there is no poly based coating on it and you plan on refinishing the wood.
If you are sceptical, of it damaging blue, I would test a piece first. I have cleaned many cosmoline packed milsurps with this stuff. The military solution was to use Naptha or PD680 to remove cosmo, however Naptha has been deemed hazmat and is hard to find.
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