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Can someone explain to me how training would have affected the outcome of this situation any differently?

He forgot to check the chamber. He broke a rule, and there should be some sort of consequence(s) for his actions.

I have seen video of a trained Swat officer shooting himself in the leg during a demonstration in a classroom filled with children. How much training do you think that Officer had prior to shooting himself? I just do not think mandatory training would have affected the outcome. We as shooters, friends, family members, need to ingrain the four rules of firearm safety into the heads of our friends and family members.

When I was a child I can remember my grandfather teaching my cousin (and me) a very valuable lesson. My younger cousin kept carelessly handling an unloaded handgun while we were at a shooting range for an outing. My grandfather had explained his version of the four firearm safety rules to us multiple times that day. My cousin obviously was not paying attention, was being naive, rebellious, or might not have cared. Later as we were getting ready to pack up for the day, no hearing protection on, laughing and joking etc… My grandfather asked my cousin to come over one last time and have a look at a different handgun. As my cousin reached in for the handgun my grandfather deliberately discharged it into the side of the hill. That experience scared the crap out of my cousin and me. To this day we still talk about it. It taught us both a lesson. Always treat a firearm with respect. That was over 20 years ago. I am not sure if I agree with the way my Grandfather taught my cousin the lesson but it worked nonetheless. He taught all six of his sons the same way some 20+ years before us.
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