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I've had a smart carry for a while now and although I don't use it often it does have a niche. I normally carry a glock 26 or 19 iwb in a crossbreed. But if I'm off work or just relaxing in sweats or gym shorts its easy to throw on a smart carry around the house or for an errand with the glock 26. Lose gym shorts and sweat pants printing doesn't really happen at all so thats not an issue, plus if you wear it right you completely forget about the gun, it's a very comfortable holster. I carry cocked with one in the pipe at all times as well, there's no safety issue unless you draw, the material of the smartcarry makes it nearly impossible to pull the trigger with the gun holstered, when I got it I tried several methods (unloaded of course) of pulling the trigger when holstered and I simply could not do it. It's a safe system.
Also for working out or sporting activities where pocket carry or iwb is not feasible I drop my LCP in my smart carry and I'm good to go.
I highly recommend it.
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