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JoneeMan: What is deemed reasonable largely depends on people in your area. Police in your area may or may not have a positive attitude towards civilian gun overship. The same goes for District or County Attorneys, Sheriffs, and Judges, except they're elected officials, and they will likely side with the popular opinion of the people around you. Politics should not be underestimated in this regard.
While this may be true regarding the attitude toward civilian gun ownership, my opinion is (and I have 2 brothers in law enforecement, one deceased), any law enforcement officer who is opposed to civilian gun ownership is in my opinon not a legitimate law enforcement officer. I believe that part of their duty as a police officer is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. If he does not support the right to keep and bear arms then
it is my opinion that person should never have been allowed to wear a badge in the first place. If I knew of such a one, I would attempt to garner support to have them removed. But then I don't know of any, and I live in Texas.
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