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I have purchased 15,000 rounds of it,,,

It was purchased from an estate for $60.00/case.
I bought three 5,000 round sealed cases of it last year,,,
It's lead with a round nose and comes in a generic white box.

So far I've shot up several 500 round bricks,,,
I'm somewhere in the 6th brick if I recall correctly.

It goes bang every time I pull the trigger,,,
I haven't had one dud round yet.

I don't use it in my semi-auto handguns.

I have used it with my semi-auto Mossberg Plinkster,,,
It cycles the action on that rifle well enough.

Mainly I use it with my revolvers and single-shot rifles.

The only complaint I have is that my revolvers lead up rather quickly,,,
After a couple hundred rounds I push a lot of lead out of the barrel.

I'll take a pic of it tonight,,,
Just to see if we are talking about the same stuff.


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