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Don't be absurd.

The point is that police, even the worst trained, are trained far beyond what would be any reasonable standard for CC. Not only are they better trained, they deal with and expect violence on a daily basis. Yet, they still sometimes (with boring regularity) blast away and hit nothing but air.

Therefore, your training for CC would be useless in so far as decreasing the likelihood of stray shots wounding bystanders.

Which, by the way, where exactly is this problem that this training is intended to solve? If we're going to offer "solutions" to "problems" lets not be like politicians and invent the problems from thin air.


First, there is no problem to solve.

Second, no reasonable training would solve the problem if it did exist.

Third, there is no training requirement for using a megaphone, worshipping a god or printing a newspaper. What is the rationale for requiring one for some other tool used for some other right? I would argue that certain violent religious groups and certain free speech is far more dangerous than CCWers have PROVEN to not be.
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