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Peetz, by that argument, why require LEOs to train? Or soldiers? We can't just pick the best video game players and arm them, can we?

or can we?

Honestly, the chances are low, astronomically low that I will ever be shot by a CCW with crappy aim, but someone has to win the lottery. I would just as soon that we enact a reasonable standard, or the anti gun lobby gets even more ammo and we end up being hypocrites. If your sights are off by three feet, or you're not willing to spend the time to hit a non moving pie-plate at ten paces (here in Iowa, you can use a .22 and a laser sight and people still fail because they don't bother to take the time to see if they are set right) maybe you should do the gun owning community a favor and not carry said gun. A headline that reads "Man Accidentally Kills 12-Year-Old" is going to set the cause of legal gun owners back in a hurry. It won't do the 12 year old any good, either.
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