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James K
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I can't see the markings and you don't indicate the caliber, but according to Flayderman (8A-007 through 8A-010) there were only about 5000 of those made. The rarest is .22 RF in both barrels, with an estimated 50 made. Others were a combination of .22RF and .32RF, and both barrels in .32RF, and and both barrels in .41 RF. There may have been some in .38 RF.

He gives a value of $2750 (in my edition) for one in fine condition with both barrels in .22. I think yours would probably go to that level or close. The .22/.32 combo runs around $850, the .32/.32 $950, the .41/.41 around $1750.

A very nice and very collectible item, often not recognized and consequently downrated.

Jim K
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