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I would also vote for the Mauser. The Mauser is a very robust and reliable bolt action design. The Mauser's action was very strong, it could easily handle the high pressure of modern cartridges which lent it well to chambering in magnum calibers in the civilian world.

The Mauser inspired other rifle designs such as the M1903/1903A3 and the M1917 used by the United States in WWI and WWII. It was also the basis for the Japanese Arisaka rifle used by their armed forced in WWII. It was the basis for the British P14 Enfield, Czech Vz.24 and even the Chinese Zhongzheng Rifle.

Today the Mauser action is still quite popular in the civilian world. The Winchester Model 70 is based on the Mauser action and many custom sporter rifles built throughout the 20th century were based on its action.
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