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Keep the expander die to the side if the urge to use cast bullets in your rifles comes up then it can be used. There is no need to use it with jacketed bullets at all. In fact it will take away the bullet tension that was gained from sizing away. You need neck tension. Now if you mean a universal charging die to use with the autodisk powder measure then yes that one is needed. Do not expand sized rifle brass with and expander die if you are going to shoot jacketed bullets. It is counter productive. It is like setting the pressure the same in all 4 of the tires on your car, then deflating one half way before you drive away. Then wondering why it is pulling to one side while you drive down the freeway.

Next the after FL Sizing you do not need to use the Collet die. The collet die will squeeze the neck on the round back down without moving the shoulder of the round. In brass going into semiauto, and pump action rifles it will have to be FL sized every time. Keep your brass for the bolt action segregated from the semiauto brass if you neck size it. Using a sharpie marker on the base of the bolt action brass so you know it from the rest.

With the turret press in auto index with rifle rounds it should go like this

1 Size/deprime (FL for the semiauto. Neck size for the bolt action if you choose to.
2 Prime (Lee turret presses this on the down stroke after sizing)
3Charge (if you have the powder through universal rifle charging die or what ever it is called. I still single stage load after 2 years.
4Seat bullet
5 If so inclined to then use the FCD for the bottle necked rounds that are not going into tubed magazines.)

That is with the 4 holes used on a turret. If you do not use the FCD then that is using 3 holes.
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