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Type 38 Arisaka value?

Over the summer, my uncle gave me his Type 38 Arisaka. I have no intention of selling it, but I would like to know its value. The Mum was hastily defaced, but still recognizable. Besides the Mum, 99% of original bluing is intact, all serial numbers match, and, as a bring back, has no import markings. The bore is somewhat dark, but has no pitting and almost perfect rifling. The stock has scratches and dings here and there, with one large gauge on the left side by the receiver. The front sight base is present, but the sight post was drifted off the base and lost. Because its been sitting in my uncles attic for 50+ years (he got it from a vet) it is in very good shape.

arisaka number.jpg

arisaka mum.jpg


ps, sorr for the poor quality photos
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