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it will have iron sights, i'm going to put a quad rail on it, it will be slightly shorter sight radius, but going to put flip up front sight at front of rail, buis on back of rail, eotech in between, and vertical grip on the quad rail
So why take it off at all?

You are removing the most durable/repeatable front sight out there and replacing it with a folding front sight with a shorter sight radius?

I could see it if you were going with a magnified optic or getting exended (rifle) handguards that will go way out over the front sight and give you an extended sight radius, but an Eotech and a carbine handguard?

Why do you want to remove your front sight? With an Eotech you are going to have a "lower 1/3" cowitness anyway, so your dot will be over the front sight base.

Before you get carried away, you should probably try it out 1st.

You should be shooting with both eyes open looking at the target, and just putting the dot on the target. Unless you have some type of wierd eye problem, you won't even be able to see the front sight if you are doing it right. Just like putting your right hand over your eye with both eye open, you "see through" your hand.

I have a standard FSB with my Aimpoint, and I don't even notice it.

As a matter of fact, I have a fixed Larue rear sight.

I find it is very useful to drop down a little bit and verify that my "dot" still matches my sights.

(The same thing with that forward grip, you will probably realize it is extraneous as well.)
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