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I have a similar Radom with K9XXX serial number and features as yours, no stock slot with takedown latch, lanyard ring WaA77 german acceptance marks. Have the Robert Berger book on the Radom pistol but there is not much information on them. I was told on another forum the K block I have was made in 1943. Yours is probably from the same year, those made in 1941 would have the earlier Polish features. I don't know about Radom value but WWII stuff keeps going up, I would sell the more common firearms before the wartime ones go.

Thanks Ronbo1.
Germany invaded Poland in 1939, so it doesn't make sense that the Radom VIS pistols from 1941 would have "earlier Polish features".

I don't remember where I found the information that dated my pistol, but I do remember it being 1941.
I'll have to look for the link where I found that information.
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