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If I was using a 22 I would try for head shots and pratice with the 22 making some quick follow up shots.
I've went for the double lung shot with a 22 LR and had them run off a good distance. Still killed them just not instantly. Headshots will work just fine for 22 LR.
If you have a 22 magnum 30-75 yards works perfectly.
Im on the fence between the 243 and 270
243 gets my vote based on the cartridge. However if the savage is a bolt gun I would seriously consider the 270 for the simple fact that the remington 7400 is a semi auto.
A lot of people use AR15s for coyote hunting for two big reasons. The first is that they are accurate and are more than capable of taking a coyote with a single shot, like a bolt gun. The second is they are semi auto so given the reality of field shooting you have faster follow up shot than a bolt gun.
Personally, I would take the lighter weight rifle.
Practical before tactical.
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