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Put the gun away, use your trigger finger to point at the target.

Practice drawing an pointing. Go slow, as you find your finger pointing where you want it, speed up. If your finger starts pointing somewhere else, slow down and start over.

After you get it down using just your finger, try it with an unloaded gun (the blue training guns that match your pistol/revolver work just as well, safer too).

Now go back to drawing and pointing. Keep your trigger finger extended along the slide (auto) or just under the cylinder (revolver).

Forget about point the gun, point your finger. Make sure you have a proper grip on the gun that allows you to point your finger toward the target. As you do this, glance down the sights to see they are lined up with your finger.

Again, go slow until you get the sights/finger lined up perfectly, and slowly increase the speed, stopping again if your sights are off until you get back to where you are suppose to be.

The more (proper) practice you get the better you'll be, and the faster you'll be.

After you get t down, then try it by sticking your finger in the trigger guards as you line up on the target.

Only after you get consistent with the trainer (blue gun) or empty gun, then load your pistol/revolver and practice some more. If things go south, put away the gun and start over with your finger, then the gun with your finger along the slide/cylinder, etc.

Take your time, don't rush it. As they say, "build it and they will come", use your training session to build a proper grip and sight alignment, and it will come, speed will follow.

One of the best training aids for pistol/revolver shooting is a laser sight, Dry firing with a laser sight will do wonders to your shooting.
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