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Dagnabbit, lost my work, starting over.

Lee does not "work up" loads. They simply reprint powder company data with identifying information other than powder and bullet weight stripped out. Hodgdon shows .380 95 gr Speer FMJ + 3.2 gr W231 = 884 fps @ 15,400 CUP
so that was probably Lee's source for that load, given just as "95 gr jacketed bullet."

Lee's starting load is whatever their powder dipper is rated for next less OR THE SAME AS the maximum. This is safe enough because their dippers are very conservatively rated and seldom deliver as much as the chart says.

Perhaps Hodgdon ran into some erratic results that SAAMI statistical procedures kept them from increasing loads up to the maximum of 17,000 CUP.
If you want to do "load shopping," Speer will take you to higher velocity (and pressure) with that weight bullet. But I don't favor that purely for bigger numbers. If you have reliable function, what is to be gained?
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