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Wow! Talk about your unlucky days. You are a new CCW holder in a small room filled with actors working against your success. You have minimal to no previous gun experience, you don't have a real gun. Then to top it off, you are attacked by a highly trained(1000's of hours of training and instruction. . .probably former military with combat´╗┐ experience) bad guy who knows you are the person with a gun. Yea, this is realistic!<-sarcasim.
Frankly, I think even the instructor dies if roles revers
My video comment.

Good job ABC news. You proved that a well trained assassin can assassinate a slightly trained loan CCW holder. Thank goodness I don't go around angering assassins.

BTW, the lady killed the assassin. Was she first? How would that wound have affected his will to fight? If I remember right, due to the helmet size, I think she would have been missed or grazed on her real head. She was also hit elsewhere, but again. . when.

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