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For those thinking there's a natural predator in the Fla. glades that's going to keep the python in check (including cats, coons, coyotes, turtles, opossum, birds etc.), I would suggest that you research the topic a bit and you'll find that since the introduction of the python to the glades, there been a drastic decline in those same animals you're suggesting. All the while a remarkable increase in the python numbers.

While you're researching, check out the estimated current numbers of the Burmese Python in the Fla. everglades versus what the estimated number of pythons were back in the late 90's.
Also, pay particular attention to the reproductive characteristics of the Burmese Python paying particular attention to the number of offspring a single female will throw.

Taking into consideration the incredible increase in the pythons numbers over a small number of years, coupled with the ongoing yearly number of python offspring and add on the decrease in numbers of the same animals some say will keep the python numbers down...well, it's just not hard to see who's winning this battle.

Hence the danger in the balance of an already fragile Fla. everglades ecosystem.

Hunting the python would help but, IMO, doubt that just plain hunting the python would rid them from the glades. Maybe hunting them plus a sterilization program done by FWC ???

Just hope the FWC hurries and makes better progress with something, rather then doing what it seems as they've been doing. Very little(and doing that slowly).
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