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My ffl said he needed a copy of his DL for the ATF. I didn't press it because I figured it wouldn't be a problem.

That was Friday. Sent seller an email Friday afternoon. Seller responded right away that he would do it first thing Saturday. Claimed it would be here by 1pm, my time....1pm saturday comes and goes. So I send another email saturday evening - no response. Sent another about 2hrs ago - no response..

The guy is kinda apathetic anyway. I sent him all the shipping info, he sends back the total, I send the CC info, my card is billed the next day, I request the tracking number-no response. A few days later I re-request the shipping number and he says he needs some more info.

If I haven't received it by noon tomorrow, I'm going to call the store and check my options. Just wanted to check here and try to get a heads up for what I'm probably instore for.

Thanks for the answer, especially the suggestion to contact gunbroker. Hadn't thought about that.

Receiver can look up senders license information on-line.
Yeah, it was a private seller. Even if it wasn't I'd hate to have to ask my FFL to clean up my mess.
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