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Please Help! Bersa M644 .22lr

Im pretty new to guns. I have a shotgun and just bought a pistol. The pistol is a Bersa M644 .22lr. I bought some rounds and went to shoot. Pulled the trigger and no bang. I tried 2 different brands and tried both with the same results. My question is, is this a centerfire as opposed to rimfire? (i bought rimfire) or just bad brands? (Rem. 22 Thunderbolt as American Eagle) or something wrong with the pistol itself? Ive looked online and can't find the answer. Also, if the ammo is the issue, is it legal to sell ammo, say, on craigslist? If you can help, please do. The wife and I are anxious to fire it. We've heard they're a lot of fun to shoot. Thanks!
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