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I started out not really wanting to read this thread, but found it interesting and read all the way through it.

One of the things we all need to realize is that the method of communicating in the forum puts us at a disadvantage and it is easy to misunderstand ones intentions or mood despite the writers writing skills. It is easy to jump to conclusions about what a poster has written.

I have been surprised at responses to what I thought were reasonable inquiries. I try, difficult as it sometimes is, to give a writer the benefit of the doubt. How one offers advice will often determine whether the recipient will be open to learning something new or clicking the back button.

I have a friend that is new to reloading. Great guy. Over dinner one night, he says that he loaded up a box of .38 specials. But said he had a heck of a time seating the bullet because of how much powder was in the casing. I almost stuck my self in the face with my fork. The next day, I had him show me what he was talking about. He read the reloading manual but didn't quite have the grasp of how to determine how big a powder charge to use for the caliber and bullet weight. I patiently showed him how to use a bullet puller and use the right charge for the bullets he was loading. He was appreciative. I am glad I was listening to what he was saying and he listened to me.
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