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I will put the expander dies in the turrets just in case I ever get the urge to try cast bullets. For the .30-06 I have three rifles: the M 17 Enfield which is a bolt gun; the M1 Garand; and a Remington 742 Woodsmaster. These last two are both autoloaders so the brass for them will be FL sized in the Challenger press and then finished in the LCT. I don't know if you can run the brass in the collet die after it has been FL sized or not, but if not then I'll just prime it in the first station and then use the expander die. For the neck sized brass I'll just run the expander out or short stroke the press to advance it without running the case up into the die. For $10 I'll just put it on even if I never use it.

I'll be setting up my reloading press on my welding table. It's made of 2" angle iron legs and 1/4" plate for the table and it's bolted to the foundation wall so there's not even a twitch of "wiggle" on that sucker. I'll drill and tap holes for the press mounting bolts right through the table, no clamps like the temporary setup I used before. I don't think anything's going to be moving that isn't supposed to.

I've been reading that crimping thread over the last few days. For the bolt guns I'll just go with neck sizing to start with. When I do the .30-30 stuff I'll crimp those for sure, those bullets have cannelures. Of the other bullets I have, some do and some don't have cannelures.
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