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If it is going into a bolt action I would recomend the Deluxe Die sets. They are worth every penny. The dead length seating die seats without crimping, and supposedly gives the least amount of runout. My experience with them in two calibers has shown better accuracy with the DL seating die, and no crimp. No crimp should be realy needed unless they are feeding in a tube magazine.

The collet dies are awsome. If you can get the seating die with them for a few dollars more I would say go for it. Try them against the dies you already have. Retire one if the other proves itself to give better groups.

Oh and for the Krag you can order the collet die, and a dead length seater from Lee. It will cost more, and they will custom make it. They are still a bargain.

Oh and I do not think the expander die will be needed unless you are shooting cast lead, or oversized bullets. Otherwise the collet die will size to the proper neck size to give good neck tension for bullet seating. Again crimping tends to decrease more accuracy than is gained in most cases. (That has been my personal experince, Not trying to start a flame war.)

I say give it a go and try both ways crimping, and not crimped. I would not be surprised if you decided afterwards to forgo crimping to get better accuracy.
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