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All - did not blow myself, rifle or anyone else up. I did have a couple of misprints in my first post, due to being distracted while typing (not while reloading). My case length was 1.510, and overall case length was 2.264. The PPU rounds were measuring at 2.255 to 2.270. I confirmed this with the written notes I made when reloading (should have paid more attention to them while writing my post instead of relying on a faulty memory and being distracted by CiNC House). Fired the rounds at the range, OK groups (sub MOA at 100yds), a little low from the factory Alexander Arms ammo I used as a baseline. Policed all my brass, no split casings or other obvious damage or discoloration.

As far as where I got my load data - directly from Alexander Arms home page, confirmed on the 6.5 Grendel Forum concerning powder type and amount. At 28.5g of Win 748, I was well below max load (varies from 30.3 or 30.5 depending on which source you want to use). Only variation I used was to seat the bullets .001 shorter to ensure fit in magazine.

As to measuring overall length, I used dial calipers from the tip of the bullet to the base (rim) of the casing as annotated in picture in the 9th edition of the ABCs of reloading on pg 127. While using a headspace gage would be more accurate, the overall length is more critical when you are firing rounds from a magazine loaded weapon to ensure that the rounds will not bind in the magazine – at least that is my understanding. At 2.264, there was just a little space between the tip of the bullet and the magazine wall. Next batch will be seated at 2.265.

Thanks to all for the feedback, but the issue still stands with the variations in the PPU relaods. I think Flashhole may have the best answer to my problem, but I would think the variation would show up when using the Hornady brass also.

Sorry, no pictures as the digital camera is broken.

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