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Murdock! Thanks a million for the response! I have torn my ACL and meniscus in my right knee. Back in October of 2008 which threw me out the academy. Got my surgery after the holidays January 5, 2009 and therapy thereafter lasted all that year till the crap insurance I had then ran out. So had it again next year (PT) was denied clearance to return to the academy because of muscle athrophy. So I know all about this therapy being necessary. However not the extent you mentioned which I am forever grateful you mentioned in such a serious way brother. Thank you, this is extremely important to me and I need to have the best possible outcome. I will call the number of the certified hand specialist that they gave me as soon as I hit "submit" on my phone. Ka have great insurance now. I didn't pay a cent when I went to the ER for this finger Xray and all that fun stuff. I'll keep you all posted. Damn shame I had to have a massive standstill or loss on 2 of my lifes greatest passions. Law enforcement and guns... :banghead:

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